Stenik Joins the Clean-Up Efforts in Bulgaria on World Clean Up Day


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Stenik Joins the Clean-Up Efforts in Bulgaria on World Clean Up Day

The campaign "Let's Clean Bulgaria Together" by bTV Media Group is a volunteer initiative that, for 10 years, has aimed to mobilize both public and corporate responsibility in support of environmental conservation. Its main goals are focused on informing the public about environmental conservation issues, promoting sustainable volunteer practices, and encouraging a responsible attitude towards our surroundings. The campaign inspires the community to act in harmony with nature, emphasizing collective efforts and collaboration, which are crucial for achieving the green idea. The initiative supports the cause of the world's largest civic movement - Let's Do It World.

Stenik - Ambassador of the Green Idea

As a socially responsible company, this year the Stenik team participated in the 11th edition of the "Let's Clean Bulgaria Together" initiative, under the slogan "We are ready!". As ambassadors of the green idea, we believe that leading by personal example and maintaining a clean environment are possible every day. With joy, we set a good example, united in efforts with other participants, to build a better tomorrow for us and future generations.

Tralalala, Let it Rain, Fearlessly Clean Up

On September 16, 2023, the Stenik team actively participated in World Clean Up Day. The weather decided to join the cleanup this year, and the rain took care of washing the streets. Armed with gloves, bags, and raincoats, we embarked on action because environmental care is a responsibility that knows no obstacles.

The marked locations by us were meticulously cleaned, and our initiative literally went smoothly and figuratively. Among the predominant waste in the inter-block spaces we cleaned were packaging, plastic containers, bags, straws, bottles, and more. Of course, we came across interesting findings, which, to our surprise, were located near the garden with a playground that we cleaned.

According to the Ministry of Environment and Water, a record 6092 polluted locations, 596 gardens, and educational institutions were cleaned across the country in this year's campaign. These impressive results show that the initiative in 2023 was the largest in scale and territorial coverage to date.

We are proud of our team!

In Stenik, we are like one family, united not only around our drive to develop and create successful eCommerce examples together but also around being a good example as a company and as individual personalities. Members of our team share common views that are part of our value system.

The Green Idea is part of our corporate culture

Environmental conservation is an important commitment for us. We are united by our common vision to maintain a clean nature and responsibility towards it. We believe that together we can contribute to significant change by dedicating our time and efforts to a cleaner and healthier environment. We express our commitment through actions, such as participating in initiatives to clean public places and implementing nature-friendly practices in our work.
Each team member carries responsibility. The Green Idea is not just a corporate value but a way of thinking that unites and motivates all of us.

Always ready to be #TheGoodExample!

We want to thank bTV for the opportunity to participate in this significant initiative. We are delighted that together we can continue to take care, protect, and love our nature and the environment, as a clean and green Bulgaria is a shared responsibility. We believe that small systematic changes leave a huge impact, so we will continue to make our contribution!

Let's keep Bulgaria clean!

Join in, too - every day. It makes sense!

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