Successful Intern Stories at Stenik, Interview #2 - Nikola Anchev: "If you try, you risk failure. If you don't, you ensure it!"


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Successful Intern Stories at Stenik, Interview #2 - Nikola Anchev: "If you try, you risk failure. If you don't, you ensure it!"

In the first interview from our „Successful Intern Stories“ series, we met with colleague Julian Draganov, who shared about himself, the successful internship program, and his professional journey and development from an intern to the position of Support Specialist & Assistant PM at Stenik.

In this interview, we will introduce you to Nikola Anchev, a 24-year-old individual. He shared his personal interests, what inspires and motivates him, and his career development within Stenik. Read the entire interesting and inspiring interview in the following lines.

Face to Face with Nikola Anchev

Nikola joined the Stenik team as a Front-End Trainee in 2021. He graduated from the "Geo Milev" Mathematical High School in his hometown, Pleven, and has a bachelor's degree in "Computer Engineering" from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". He enjoys spending time with friends and having fun. In his free time, he engages in physical activities (fitness, running) and has other favorite hobbies like ice skating and climbing.

His motto is: "If you try, you risk failure. If you don't, you ensure it!". 

>> Hi, Nikola! Tell us what attracted you to Stenik? Had you heard about the company before applying for the internship?

Honestly, I hadn't heard about Stenik before. During my bachelor's studies, I decided it was time to enter the "adult world" and start combining university with work. I actively began searching for internships and that's how I came across a job posting from Stenik. It was different and stood out, which intrigued me, so I decided to apply.

>> What knowledge did you have at the beginning of your internship?

Starting the internship, aside from basic programming knowledge, I was familiar with slightly more advanced concepts such as algorithms, data structures, and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP).

>> Who was your mentor and what did you learn from them?

It wasn't just one ;) My mentors were two of my colleagues, both front-end programmers: Dimitar Troyanov and Veselin Trifonov. They taught me the specifics of working with the Magento platform and introduced me to the common practices in the field (Docker, Git). They also introduced me to more recent technologies that helped me build upon the foundation I already had (LESS, Tailwind CSS, Alpine js). Even though I'm no longer an intern, I still consider them as mentors, as they are more experienced individuals whom I know I can rely on if I encounter difficulties in my work.

>> What journey have you taken within Stenik and what has been your career development up to this point?

I began my journey at Stenik as a Front-End Trainee. After the internship,I received an offer for a permanent position - as a Front-end Developer, which I have been occupying since then. During the internship program, I took on small tasks within live projects and gained practical experience. Towards the end of the program, I started working more independently on individual tasks. My first independent project was the online store

>> What are your main responsibilities in this position?

My work involves integrating designs, resolving issues related to providing the best user experience for the customers of the online stores we develop and enhance.

>> What motivates you the most at Stenik?

Apart from my personal motivation to learn new technologies, the fact that I work for a Bulgarian company that is a leading force in the eCommerce industry and the IT sector as a whole is a big motivator for me. I believe that's important. Another motivator for me is my colleagues. When everyone is striving to be a better version of themselves, it naturally reflects on you too.

>> What projects are you currently working on?

The main projects I'm working on at the moment are Balmina, Campingrocks, Dilios.

>> With which colleagues/departments do you communicate most frequently?

I mostly work with Project Managers and colleagues from technical support to discuss task specifics. During project development, I collaborate with designers as well.

>> How does a typical workday unfold for you?

A typical workday for me is packed with tasks that I prioritize based on instructions from PMs and support. After reviewing the tasks, I take a short break, drink water (surprisingly, I don't drink coffee), put on my headphones, and get into the development mode. Of course, I don't forget to take breaks for meals and conversations with the team in the office (and here's another surprise - I don't work remotely).

>> How do you maintain and improve your knowledge and qualifications?

I maintain and expand my knowledge and qualifications by working on new projects and resolving challenges that arise during work. Additionally, I keep up with the latest news in our field and attend various online seminars and courses

>> What are your goals at Stenik and in your career?

I can summarize my goals in one word: Growth. I want to develop both personally and professionally.

>> How do you manage work-life balance at Stenik?

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance isn't a challenge at Stenik and is easily achieved. The pleasant working environment and atmosphere, the understanding and assistance from the team when needed, and the flexible working hours are just a few reasons for this.

>> What skills and qualities are necessary to work as a Front-end programmer?

Qualities required for the profession include problem-solving, teamwork, and to some extent, creativity. In terms of technical skills, since I believe it's always good to stick to the fundamentals, I'd say HTML, CSS, Javascript, Git. After that, it's good to have knowledge and skills for working with CSS Preprocessors, JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries.

>> What is your advice for future interns in the digital industry in a similar position?

My advice is for them to continue improving their knowledge and when they feel ready, to turn to my motto: "If you try, you risk failure. If you don't, you ensure it!" - Nikola Anchev

Did we inspire you? Do you want to be part of our fresh team?

We offer a great balance between work and personal life, as well as numerous opportunities for personal development. At Stenik, your career growth won't just be a plan, but an achieved goal! As a part of our team, you can develop as a technical superstar or a non-technical rocket. We've created the article "Career at Stenik - Where to Start?", to provide more information about the difference between the two directions, more details about the work, and how we nurture our team in the long run.

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