Successful Internship Stories at Stenik, interview#6 - Simeon Dimitrov: "Persistence is success!"


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Successful Internship Stories at Stenik, interview#6 - Simeon Dimitrov: "Persistence is success!"

Our column: "Successful Internship Stories at Stenik" continues with a feature on Simeon Dimitrov - a young and ambitious team member. Through his successful journey at Stenik, Simeon has become an inspirational figure for interns.

Explore what excites, motivates, and sustains Simeon's commitment to Stenik. Learn about his skill development and daily motivations in the full interview. Discover the secrets to his success, where enthusiasm, perseverance, and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge serve as key elements in his career development formula.

Face to Face with Simeon Dimitrov

Simeon Dimitrov, a 20-year-old native of Sofia, has been an integral part of the Stenik team since 2022, initially starting as a Junior Support - Trainee. Having completed his high school education at the National Trade and Banking Gymnasium, Simeon enjoys spending his free time with family and friends, engaging in an active lifestyle through sports and walks.

His motto is: "Perseverance is success!"

>> Hello Simeon! Could you please share with us what attracted you to Stenik? Were you already familiar with the company before applying for the internship?

Before applying for an internship, I was familiar with Stenik through acquaintances, as well as through the advertisements actively popularized on social media and the internet. My primary interest in e-commerce served as my main motivation to focus on this field and actively seek opportunities for professional growth. I first learned about internship opportunities at Stenik from an acquaintance whose online store was developed by their team.

>> What knowledge did you have at the beginning of the internship?

At the beginning of the internship, my knowledge was relatively basic but accompanied by good computer literacy.

>> Who was your mentor, and what did you learn from him?

As my mentors, I would name Stefan and Todor, as well as the entire team at Stenik. I have acquired valuable knowledge from each of them, which I apply daily in my work and beyond

>> What path have you taken at Stenik, and what is your career development up to this point?

Reflecting on my journey at Stenik, I realize it has been quite extensive, although it passed by unnoticed. I've acquired substantial knowledge that serves as a strong foundation. Currently, I hold the position of Junior Project Manager and Support Specialist.

>> What are your main responsibilities in this position?

My main responsibilities are related to task management, tracking, and timely execution. I ensure the smooth functioning of online stores, paying direct attention to customers and their inquiries.

>> What motivates you the most at Stenik?

My biggest motivation is the personal attention and the relationship I receive from people in the team, as well as the positive work environment.

>> What projects are you currently working on?

Currently, my main focus is on managing B2C and B2B stores.

Simeon Dimitrov - part of the 'Successful Internship Stories at Stenik'

>> With which colleagues/departments do you communicate most often?

Part of my work involves daily communication with both the Product Management and Development teams.

>> How does a typical workday go?

Each new day brings a dynamic array of tasks, ranging from project coordination to client interactions and technical problem-solving.

>> How do you maintain your knowledge and qualifications?

I enhance my knowledge with each passing day, as the work contributes to it.

>> What are your goals at Stenik and in your career?

Goal number 1 for me is constant development and upgrading of skills to a level of perfection.

>> How do you manage the work-life balance at Stenik?

I believe that the time I invest in my work at Stenik is not only professionally fulfilling but also personally interesting. This approach positively influences my overall well-being and contributes to a balanced work-life dynamic.

>> What skills and qualities are needed to work as a Junior Project Manager and Support Specialist?

I would point out - task management skills, technical knowledge for working with the Magento platform, on which the eCommerce projects we develop and maintain are based, as well as the ability to work with clients.

>> What is your advice to future interns in a similar position in the digital industry?

Undoubtedly, my advice is to try, because this is not a job but a pleasure.                                                                 Simeon Dimitrov

Inspiring, isn't it?

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