Summer Team Building Greece 2023: Sea Adventures, Unforgettable Emotions, Strong Experiences, and Lots of Fun


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Summer Team Building Greece 2023: Sea Adventures, Unforgettable Emotions, Strong Experiences, and Lots of Fun

Summer is the season that inspires us to have fun, create special moments, and gather unforgettable memories. And what could be a better start to the summer of 2023 than our traditional summer team building? Over the past few years, we've chosen different locations: Greece in 2016, Serbia in 2018Trigrad in 2019Panagyurishte in 2021Veliko Tarnovo in 2022. This year, seven years later, we decided to revisit our southern neighbor seven years later.

In the past few months, our team has grown significantly. Many of our colleagues work remotely from different cities in Bulgaria. We communicate with them daily, but we miss the personal contact and free time together. Recently, we've welcomed many fresh additions to the Stenik team - young and ambitious interns who are already part of our collective endeavors, projects, and goals. Immersed in work and their training, we don't have much time to talk about ourselves and get to know each other. That's why this year, we couldn't miss the opportunity to organize ourselves and come together as a team to spend valuable time together.

Ημέρα 1η: Departure to the Sunny Coast of Halkidiki

On June 22, after finishing the workday, brimming with excitement and anticipation, we set off to neighboring Greece. A country known for its vast and beautiful beaches, abundant sunshine, soul-soothing music, and delicious food. Our final destination was Nea Plagia (in Greek: Νέα Πλάγια). The resort, situated in the beautiful region of Halkidiki in Greece, became the perfect destination for our long-awaited summer team building. This little town offered us a blend of tranquility, beautiful beaches, and incredible experiences. Combining the charm of nature with thrilling entertainment opportunities, Nea Plagia provided the ideal setting for our team retreat and an unforgettable summer adventure.

Arriving late in the evening, we settled  into two neighboring hotels - Kohili and Zonita Guest House, as the Stenik family has grown, and it wasn't possible for all of us to stay in one hotel. In the pleasant atmosphere of one of the hotels - Kohili, we were greeted by our gracious hosts and enjoyed an exquisite dinner. After tasting all the delicacies and resting after the long journey, we gathered our energy and headed to Pastazi Beach Bar, where we had fun until the early hours of the morning. Especially for us, the Greek party transformed into a mix of Bulgarian hits, which both the locals and us visibly enjoyed.  

Ημέρα 2η: Water Extreme Activities and Beach Fun

On the next day, we woke up with sunny smiles and enjoyed a delicious breakfast. With great excitement, we headed to the beach. The sandy shore was our location throughout the day, with each person finding their own way to have fun. Some of the team indulged in relaxation, conversations, backgammon, and card games.

Other enthusiasts engaged in water extreme activities, with the most fun being designated as - water ring towing. The water was our element, and the waves were our friends. Each of us was filled with energy and smiles as we enjoyed the exciting moments shared with the team

For lunch, we decided to immerse ourselves in a Greek tradition and try out the local meat producer's delicious gyros. We were charmed, and some even ordered more. After the tasty lunch, we indulged in a beach break. We relaxed on loungers, listening to the sound of the sea waves and basking in the warmth of the sun. We had time to unwind, converse, and laugh together.

Culinary temptations and seafood specialties

For dinner, we visited the renowned tavern Hriso Pagoni, located right on the coastal street. There, we enjoyed a pleasant atmosphere with authentic Greek flavors. From fresh seafood to seafood specialties, complemented by ouzo, good wine, and other refreshing drinks. We spent a wonderful time in enjoyable conversations, accompanied by toasts, laughter, and good vibes.

After the delicious dinner, we decided to end the day with a leisurely stroll along the pleasant waterfront of Nea Plagia. We felt free and enjoyed the magic of the moonlight reflecting on the sea. The sounds of the sea waves transported us to a world of tranquility and relaxation. Refreshed, we headed back to the hotels to rest fully for the upcoming day.

Ημέρα 3η: Unforgettable Seaside Adventure on the Crest of the Wave

Saturday began with an early wake-up and preparation for an unforgettable sea adventure. After a breakfast with delicious offerings from a nearby bakery, the Stenik team headed to Vourvourou in Sithonia. There, a unique experience awaited us - a boat ride provided by Pirate Boats.

According to the schedule, exactly at 8:30 AM, we arrived at the harbor, where we received instructions from the Pirate Boats team. In advance, we had designated five experienced captains and their crews of four people each. A license was not required to operate the boats, giving each of us the opportunity to take on the role of captain and assume the responsibility of steering firmly, cruising through the waves at the desired speed. 

In outdoor team building, lunch often has to be enjoyed outdoors, somewhere along the route. For this purpose, each crew had prepared food and beverages the day before to sustain us during the maritime adventures. The boats were fully equipped with everything we might need for a complete and safe experience for a day in the beautiful waters of the wide maritime realm. In each boat, there was a pirate map of the area, marking the beaches we were going to visit, in search of the treasures each one held.

Loaded with excitement, we boarded the boats and set off for our maritime adventure. We felt like true pirates, ready to conquer the waves and discover the hidden beauties around Diaporos Island.

IT pirates on the horizon

Our first maritime stop, where we dropped anchor, was the Blue Lagoon between Diaporos Island and Agios Isidoros Island. We realized we had reached it by the huge number of boats anchored there. The Blue Lagoon is the most emblematic spot on the Sithonia Peninsula. It represents a shallow strait of white sand under turquoise waters. The perfect place to swim and enjoy this heavenly spot.

And that's exactly what all of us did - there were fantastic jumps, boat dancing, and raiding other pirate boats for treasures like cups, beers, nuts, and ice. After enjoying all of this as daredevils and enthusiasts of strong sensations, we engaged in a high-speed sea race.

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Our second stop was the White Beach, located in the eastern part of the island. The place is like a postcard. The water is crystal clear and calm, and at the shore, there are interesting rock formations for snorkeling. Some of our colleagues indulged in this. They were thrilled by the underwater world, and it was hard to get them back on board.

We somehow managed to lift anchor and sailed towards Karydi. The beach is located in the northernmost part of Vourvourou, surrounded by rocks with interesting shapes. Its shape resembles a horseshoe. Some of the colleagues climbed the rocks and enjoyed the panoramic view, while others chose an underwater stroll. Filled with strong emotions, we set sail for the next destination - Fava Beach. An interesting combination of fine sand, pebbles, and scattered rock pieces. We had the opportunity to have fun with jumps into the water, diving, climbing on rocks, and carefree swimming. The variety of activities allowed us to experience a true maritime adventure while enjoying the beautiful nature and the endless blue expanses.

And so, after about 9 hours of exploring the attractions of Diaporos Island, our captains anchored us back at the harbor. We discovered hidden places, explored the natural beauty, and enjoyed the tranquility of the surrounding environment. After the invigorating day in the sea, we were filled with happiness and a slight fatigue. Sailing, swimming, and even sunbathing all day can be quite tiring, so it was time for a rest.

Before dinner, we gathered for an aperitif at Meanwhile in Flogita, where we tried exotic cocktails and shisha pipes. The perfect additional dose of energy after the wild day at sea.

We decided to repeat dinner at Kohili, where we celebrated the birthday of our colleague Vesko appropriately, and some of us ended up at the beach bar again. :)

Ημέρα 4η: All good things come to an end... memories we create remain

Sunday was a day for tranquility and farewell to the beautiful coastline of Halkidiki. Together, we savored the final moments of our summer team building. At breakfast, we laughed heartily, reminiscing about the funny stories we had created and experienced together. Even though it was time to part ways, we knew that these memories would accompany us for a long time, and the mood and team spirit would inspire us through the upcoming work challenges.

And so, our Greek escapade in Nea Plagia transformed into an unforgettable journey, full of fun, adventures, and special moments. Once again, charged with strong emotions and united as a team, we eagerly await the next opportunity for similar events and shared moments. After a super fun, sunny, and exhilarating team building, we return to the work process even more energetic, creative, motivated, and ready to reveal what new things we have prepared for you in the world of eCommerce.

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