Why is support the most important service for my online store?


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Why is support the most important service for my online store?

After the article "Why is it harder for offline marketers to sell online?" you have received our tips and now you can break them through your prism and use them successfully to start and grow your online business, now is the time to find out why technical support is the most valuable thing for your online store. Support ensures you solve technical problems, develop new functionalities, optimize and consult with technical eCommerce experts . In short: sleep peacefully while your online store sells and serves thousands of Internet users.

We will tell you why this is the most valuable thing for your online store!

And at the end of the article you will also learn bonus advice from Stenik !

Nightmares for your online store

OK, you have created your dream online store for your business and it is now online!

Have you run into any of the following situations:

  • Have you ever waited days or weeks for small changes to be completed at your new online store? Not to mention the bigger new features - then you wait months.
  • Or, the fast pace of development of your online business does not fully match the enthusiasm and work of your software partner.
  • And worst of all: start selling online and be happy with this fact, and have your developer or developer cover, disappear or not want to work with you?

If you recognize yourself in any of the situations, then you are not alone! Many like you online marketers have already suffered. These are some of the worst nightmares in the kitchen of an online store - a collapse in technical development and site maintenance.

Why is maintenance most valuable to your store?

Let me explain why technical support is most valuable for your online shop:

  • With quality technical support, you know you can sleep peacefully, as the downs and downtime of your online store will be few in number and, when they occur, short.
  • Support guarantees your reaction time and you will be sure that your task will not be delayed or forgotten.
  • Experienced online marketers know you need to plan - and what is easier than planning technical improvements to an online store for the next 6 or 12 months if you have a reliable and knowledgeable technology partner.
  • Good online stores do promo campaigns anytime of the day - these days, investing in a 24/7 support will save you a lot of headaches and get you a lot of turnover and loyal new customers.
  • Your internal team that maintains the online store is probably great. But there is no way to be familiar with eCommerce trends as much as a tech team working on the monthly maintenance of 50 or 100 online stores with different requirements.

How to make sure that your online store will have quality support after launch online?

To be sure that your online store will have quality support after its release in the live environment, you need to do a little work in advance. Even at the stage where you choose a developer company for your new store.

What to open your eyes to when looking for an eCommerce Technology Partner:

  • Ask for support options for your online store as you negotiate its development. Request a quote.
  • Ask your future eCommerce Technology Partner how many ongoing monthly support projects are available. Make sure you are not alone.
  • According to your desire for growth, evaluate with your future partner how many hours a month you would need for support and whether the company you are negotiating with would be able to provide them as a resource.
  • As a growing online store, you will often have new ideas or change your mind. Make sure your future technology partner is flexible enough and open to multitasking.

And remember:

But remember ... It's not all about the company that runs your online store.

You, as the owners, are very important in the decisions you make and the kind of communication you have with the developer. The more priority and time you spend on your online store, the more it will grow.

Bonus Tip:

With the development of your online store, the need for more solid support and more refinements will increase. To keep your online store running smoothly and seamlessly, an important prerequisite is that you have set out on the right eCommerce platform for your business. Learn more in the article "How do I choose a platform for my online store (custom or open source solution)?"

Also, choose the right online store developer and then it will be harder to go wrong with the support. For more helpful tips, see Stenik's article "How do I choose a developer for my online store?"

About the author:

Stefan Stefan Chorbanov

Stefan Chorbanov is one of the founders of Stenik and since 2004 has been working at the company to create iconic online stores and websites. He has participated in eCommerce projects for KFC, Coquette, CarpetMAX, Hipoland, Pakostnik, Ozone, Dancy, Orange Center, Tempo, Demobaza, Giulian and many more. As a hobby, he also develops his own online clothing stores, which makes him a specialist not only from the developer's side but also from the merchant's side - an experience that few have.


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