Table tennis tournament: The battle for the eCommerce cup - clash of Stenik & Netpeak


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Table tennis tournament: The battle for the eCommerce cup - clash of Stenik & Netpeak

Our successful partnership with Netpeak Bulgaria began in 2015 and continues to this day with a series of eCommerce projects for brands such as Aiko & Moemax, S&D Commercial, Galen Pharmacies, RayaToys, SkyOptic,, Lilly Drogerie, Domko,, and more. This year, we are launching a series of events (both work-related and fun) to bring our teams closer together and generate ideas for even more successful collaboration for the benefit of our mutual eCommerce clients.

Table tennis tournament

On January 20th (Friday) at 18:00, the pilot edition of the table tennis tournament between Stenik & Netpeak took place. The epic friendly battle was held under the motto "The battle for the eCommerce cup: clash of Stenik & Netpeak". The event was hosted by the Table Tennis Station. Players from both companies participated in the sports competition to compete for the title of "Master of the ball."

The tournament featured a competitive yet entertaining program and was filled with fierce battles on the table and a friendly atmosphere around it. Some of our colleagues played matches, while others watched and commented on the games. Some took the opportunity to discuss personal and professional matters, and of course, there were colleagues who managed to slip in discussions about other #ecommerce topics related to ongoing projects. As they say, "We're gathered anyway, let's accomplish something useful!"

Ping-pong players, or rather, eCommerce connoisseurs

Similar to the precise specification and tasks exchanged between the two teams, this meeting can be summarized in a few specific points/moments:

1. The game was accompanied by smiles but also a drive to win, just like how we tackle various tasks on a daily basis.

2. Players dynamically volleyed the ball, much like how our teams exchange information about ongoing projects.

3. There were excellent forehands and backhands, which proves that we are strong no matter where you look.

4. The single matches were fast-paced and competitive, just like the online stores we develop together.

5. The doubles showcased perfect synchronization, much like the partnership between Stenik and Netpeak.

6. The most contested games resembled our most complex collaborative projects - intriguing for all users.

7. The graceful serves were nearly as elegant and precise as the colleagues from both teams.

8. Our best players turned out to be Project Managers or drinkers :)

9. The rankings resembled an SEO ranking, following Netpeak's successful work on joint projects

10. The cup was heavy, just like our responsibility to the local digital scene.

Still, every competition has its winner. With a score of 10 to 7, our partners from Netpeak emerged victorious. Congratulations, colleagues!

No matter if we win or lose.... e commerce we shall advance

From the exhilarating game in the hall, we transitioned into a pleasant atmosphere at a nearby venue, where invigorated, we engaged in networking and intriguing conversations. The victory was celebrated appropriately with toasts and a lot of emotions.

After so many collaborative work hours spent in the digital realm, this offline sports initiative was exceptionally energizing. We managed to further unite our teams and had the opportunity to enjoy each other's company, something we are definitely skilled at. Unanimously, we believe that from this organization, we all emerged winners – a remarkably interesting, contested, and smile-filled Friday evening. We solidified the simple notion that our joint work is meaningful. We thank our colleagues from Netpeak for the good game and all the positive emotions. Together, we can achieve more!

Don't miss the chance to explore the fun and intriguing shots in the album on our FB page.

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