Socialization of our team with a hike on Vitosha mountain to Edelweiss hut


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Socialization of our team with a hike on Vitosha mountain to Edelweiss hut

Spending the summer working remotely, Stenik's team had not gathered in person for several months. Therefore, at the end of September 2020, we decided to do a half-day team building for socialization, fully consistent with the situation and the measures taken in the country, namely a walk in fresh air around Vitosha.

Socialization and team spirit after a long home office period

More than once we have shared that the whole Stenik team loves to get together, to organize various activities or games in order to unite our team and get to know each other better and rely on each other. Unfortunately, the time in which we live put us to certain tests and our team had to adapt to the new normal and remote way of working. This continued throughout the summer of 2020, so we used the first possible weekend after the summer holidays to organize team activities in line with the restrictions of the pandemic and the global picture. 

So on September 26 we decided to take a walk in nature, so as to bring us together again and charge us positively, creatively and emotionally.

26,000 steps to Edelweiss hut and back

The destination was Edelweiss hut, which can be reached with a very pleasant walk through the meadows and forests of Vitosha. The starting point from which we planned to go to the final destination was the area of ​​Golden Bridges, but the more adventurous of our team left at dawn from the bar Shisharka and White Water.

After we all gathered on the Golden Bridges we went to the hut, accompanied by clear sky and sunny weather, unlike Sofia, which we saw shrouded in thick clouds and fog.

To get to the Edelweiss hut we made a big tour through Hotel Boeritsa and through Kumata. We followed the tourist markings and despite the obstacles we encountered on the way, we did not give up until the very end. We met several fallen trees, here and there muddy areas, but the fresh air and beautiful nature in the area motivated us. 

During the walk we shared our experiences from the past different summer, memories from the "time in the office", we discussed new ideas and useful good practices.

The walk was extremely pleasant and managed to charge us super positively - although the trip and return took us about 26,000 steps. For a short break we stopped to admire the hut Mountain Song, after which we went back to road to our final destination. 

Soup and beans at the Edelweiss hut

It took us about 3 hours and 30 minutes to cross the entire route to the Edelweiss hut, where we ordered a lunch, which as always tastes better in nature. We refilled with tea, beer, beans, soup and meatballs.

In the yard of the hut we organized several team building games to revive the collective spirit of the team, which successfully made us laugh. The games were aimed at testing and strengthening our ability to communicate, our logical thinking and creativity

We did not forget to take a picture together at the end of the hike. 

Rested and charged, back to Sofia

Our half-day team building ended with a return to the Golden Bridges, but this time through the hut Pancho Tomov. We took a brisk step back to Sofia, but more united and rested.

More photos from the Stenik's day in nature can be seen in the gallery below, as well as on our official Facebook page.

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