Stenik with valuable know-how from international ecommerce experts after visiting TeCOMM 2018 in Bucharest, Romania


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Stenik with valuable know-how from international ecommerce experts after visiting TeCOMM 2018 in Bucharest, Romania

The 11th edition of TeCOMM 2018 was held in Bucharest on 7 and 8 March. The international event focuses on the most important trends and the development of innovations in e-commerce and digital shopping. Each year it unites the eCommerce community - key specialists and practitioners, e-shop owners, world-renowned marketers and others.

Still ahead in the quest to build both their skills and knowledge, and those of the team, Human Being @STENIK - Stefan Chorbanov and Technical Director - Nikolay Dimitrov accepted the kind invitation of Retargeting.Biz, sponsor TeCOMM 2018 and took part in the two-day even

What was TeCOMM 2018 useful for STENIK?

  • We have also learned about how online commerce is developing in Romania
  • We have established new contacts with various Romanian partners
  • We have gained experience, new ideas, inspirational and practical solutions for successful e-commerce in our northern neighbor
  • We have established an even stronger relationship and loyalty with our partners from and, with whom we shared not only the trip but also our impressionsи

#TeCOMM2018 - It was worth it!


This year's event focuses on shopping, consumer adaptation, quality products, e-commerce platforms, and the balance between requirements and results. The lecturers shared their insights and strategies that would lead to success through interactive presentations, practical seminars and debates.

Among the lecturers were Rares Bănescu - founder and CEO @ Retargeting.Biz, Tim Ash - CEO @SiteTuners, Ilia Kretov - General Manager @eBay for Russia, Peter Timinsky - Digital Director @EMEA, Marcin Mittal - Head of @Google Partnerships , Sorin Nistor - Commercial Director @DHL and other e-commerce specialists, who thank for the new ideas.

On the first day of TeCOMM Bucharest 2018 Stefan and Nikolay visited presentations that covered the topics: customer loyalty, international expansion, attracting users, increasing sales, courier services, adapting to market requirements, automating processes, online payments, and more. During the lectures, the two STENIK partners created many new contacts and useful meetings to exchange valuable experience.


During the second day, Stefan Chorbanov took part in the Ecommerce Conversion masters degree of top marketing expert Tim Ash. Learn more about learning on our blog.


Web technologies are improving at a great pace every year, and in order to manage and develop a leading company to develop profitable online stores and websites, you need to be familiar with the international trends in the industry. We definitely set up our watch, which was important to us to give all our customers the opportunity to launch a successful online store or improve their present.

We are pleased with the dating we have done, the experience we have exchanged and the suggestions we made - we may have been helpful. We are proud that in STENIK we are in line with the trends in the industry and consult our clients about the most appropriate strategic and technical solutions.

Thanks for the invitation of Retargeting.Biz. It was a real pleasure for us to be part of the event! :)

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