With a new online store from Stenik, Titan Machinery impresses online with the agriculture and construction industries


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With a new online store from Stenik, Titan Machinery impresses online with the agriculture and construction industries

Titon Machinery Bulgaria is a leading full-service agricultural and construction equipment company in the US and Europe. Principal Strategic Partner of Titan Machinery Inc. the supply of new equipment is the international holding CNH Industrial, a manufacturer of agricultural and construction equipment. Titon Machinery Bulgaria is the official representative for the country of the Case IH, Case Construction, Vaderstad, Annaburger and MacDon brands.

What did the Titan Machinery team asked Stenik for?

"The pursuit of excellence - high standards and continuous improvement in everything we do."

Titan Machinery Bulgaria


One step forward in the industry and in the online environment

Following on with its motto, Titan Machinery has assigned us the task to complete the construction of their online store, building it on the Magento eCommerce platform. Operating in a highly competitive market, the Titan team was committed to secure an excellent online presence that can be trusted with a loyal, long-term partner, such as Stenik. What we were tasked with was at the same time precisely development of a specific product catalog, combined with a pleasant and intuitive interface that contributes to the usability of users of agricultural and construction machinery and equipment.

The solution

Titan Machinery wanted to build a powerful website to showcase its products and services in detail. We started with a concept for the structure of the website, so that users can easily and intuitively find the information they are looking for new and used agricultural machinery, as well as the spare parts they need.

Titan's aspiration definitely drives us to come up with the really best solution to support it in online commerce, namely the development of a Magento online store , rich in user-friendly options to provide the best possible service. With our accumulated experience in the development of leading and mostly profitable online stores, it was time to develop the best online shop for agricultural machinery - titanmachinery.bg .

What is the difference between Titan Machinery's online store?

We are proud to say that the new online store - titanmachinery.bg is a worthy representation of Titan Machinery's image and activity in the web space and in the industry. Together with the Titan team, we have defined the main starting points, which are of interest not only to the customers of the e-shop, but also to the partners of the company, which are the guarantor for the high quality of all offered agricultural and construction equipment.

Functionalities and modules that we have implemented for the project:

  • More than a catalog: What is distinctive about the project is the organization and presentation of the entire product range and information about the company's activities. For the needs and specifics of the products offered by Titan Machinery, the Stenik team had to develop a clear and structured catalog to distinguish new from used machinery from other products. We achieved this by building three main product categories - new, used machines and a separate product section (spare parts and consumables).

We have designed a different design for the three groups of items offered. So we inspired a unique visual experience when reviewing new machines, adding not only description and photos, but also video. For used products and other products, we have included all the characteristics that would be relevant for customers of construction and agricultural machinery. We also took into account the nature and characteristics of the machines on the site, which we made available for purchase only after filling an inquiry, structured in the easiest possible way.

  • Full ERP integration with Magento: An important part of the project is the integration of the online shop with an ERP solution, which automatically displays product inventory, promotions, creation of ERP products on the site, sending orders, synchronization of price lists, stocks and categories and creating client accounts . In addition, we have made it possible not only for stock tracking, but also for visualization of the physical place where the selected products are located.
  • High-level UX Design : The online store's web design is a well balanced between graphic elements, navigation and functionality to support web site browsing. Our design team was committed to provide a visual perception of information across all sections of the website. The long and tiring hours of work have paid off with a simple yet comprehensive and beautiful design, rarely found in heavy machinery field.

  • Modern broadcasting, vision and layout of any device.  We also took care the online store to be mobile friendly with a flawless responsive version, suitable for browsing and shopping via mobile phone and tablet.

    • Ultimate Sphinx Search : We have designed the Titan Machines' online store to be easy and convenient for both professionals in the industry and for more inexperienced and newcomers. For starters, we implemented not just a smart search engine, but a super smart one - "Ultimate Sphinx Search". It allows you to search the product catalog and search by product category. In addition, in the newly built Titan Online Store, we also feature an autocomplete feature that gives search results by displaying results while typing a keyword from the first spelling.
    • Integration of Facebook & Gmail login;
    • Wishlist - the ability to put selected products in your favorite list for later order;
    • Subscribe to   newsletter   with new products and promotions;
    • Simple time-saving user checkout ;
    • Payment : After a successful purchase comes a successful payment, which is guaranteed by adding different payment methods available to the users: bank transfer, card payment and cash on delivery.
    • Section showing representations . Each service center is represented by a name, contact information, and a Google Maps map showing the location.
    • Service : Ability to send a request via the contact form.
    • The site also has a blog where useful tips and information from the world of agriculture and construction equipment can be found;
    • English version: As part of Titan Machinery Inc.'s European network and for better service in the US and Europe, Titan needed the online store to be available both in Bulgarian and English, for which we developed a mirror English language version that expanded accessibility.
    • Administrative panel - user-friendly and easy to use: Magento's admin panel is extremely user-friendly and easy to use, according to the site's administrators, satisfied that the introduction and maintenance of the content does not require significant resources and knowledge on their part. Only after his first training, the Titan team mastered much of its features and worked as a well-oiled machine.
    • We have also added automatic upsells, which allows us to automatically show substitutes for the product you are looking for. That is, in the detailed overview of a particular product are visible and similar products that can be superior in quality, popularity, price of the product under consideration.

    To be continued...

    Titan was fascinated by the result and even received much congratulates from its competitors in the industry. We, the Stenik team are also proud of our work on the development of an online store for the agricultural and construction sector of the giant Titan Machinery.

    Creating something unique and so precise does not put an end to the work and effort required. After launching the brand new Titan Machinery e-shop, it follows the logical extensions- its reliable and efficient support. The Titan team ensures that all farmers, builders and industry stakeholders are kept up-to-date, and we guarantee that the site will function flawlessly at any time and will be upgraded over time to deliver greater satisfaction to its users.

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