"Video Series on Professions at Stenik: Interview #04 featuring Todor Minev - eCommerce Support Specialist"


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"Video Series on Professions at Stenik: Interview #04 featuring Todor Minev - eCommerce Support Specialist"

In this interview, we will introduce you to Todor Minev - eCommerce Support Team Lead at Stenik. Todor has been a part of our team for 7 years, during which he has continuously gained valuable knowledge with motivation, flexibility, and a commitment to constant development, becoming an experienced and successful eCommerce specialist that our clients trust.

In the interview, he shares more about his career path, goals, and contributions to the eCommerce development of online retailers. Learn about his key role in the long-term support and growth of online stores, turning them into excellent shopping experiences for users. Discover more in the following lines.

More about the profession - eCommerce Support Specialist

>> Hello, Todor. Tell us more about your position?

I am the Team Lead of the eCommerce department at Stenik, and with my team, we work with current clients, providing long-term support and growth for their online stores. My responsibility is to ensure that the store owners receive quick responses to issues or questions they raise.

>> How does your position contribute to Stenik's mission?

At Stenik, I take care of support inquiries and ensure impeccable maintenance. I help resolve technical issues (known as bugs) and ensure that an online store is accessible as much as possible for end-users. Additionally, I participate in managing eCommerce tasks related to store enhancements. >> What motivates you in your work?

The most motivating aspect for me is the close-knit team and satisfied clients. Every day, I have the opportunity to gain new knowledge and utilize the accumulated experience to improve the work of online retailers. This helps them focus on sales and development, rather than dealing with daily website issues. I find satisfaction in the result - seeing that our efforts have led to success and we have implemented effective solutions for every problem.

>> How does your typical workday unfold?

My day starts with a cup of coffee and prioritizing the most important tasks on my agenda. With my team, we organize meetings to set our goals for the day and assist those who need help. After these clarifications, I move on to active work with clients - resolving cases, troubleshooting issues, and providing consultations for the enhancement of e-commerce stores.

>> What team do you work with?

I primarily work with colleagues from the Project Management and Development teams when we solve technical issues. In some cases, when I'm involved in innovations for working stores and implementing improvements, I also collaborate with our design team. >> What knowledge is needed for an eCommerce Support specialist at the beginning of their development at Stenik?

When starting in this position, it is essential to have a basic understanding of eCommerce, digital marketing, project management, technical implementation, and various eCommerce systems used in developing an online store. Everyone who starts at Stenik goes through a specialized eCommerce training program, which provides excellent preparation.

>> What skills have you acquired within the company?

During my 7 years at Stenik, I have gained valuable know-how and extensive eCommerce knowledge related to various processes, integrations with external systems, migrations, and opportunities for enhancing online stores. I've also gained knowledge in both B2B and B2C online trading.

>> Advice for anyone starting in this position now.

My advice to anyone starting in the eCommerce Support position is to be motivated and have a strong desire for work and development. This won't go unnoticed. It's also important to acquire new and diverse knowledge related to eCommerce development and technical skills. In the era of digital transformation, eCommerce and the technological environment are an inseparable duo.

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We are eCommerce - Together we create inspiring successes!

At Stenik, we combine our passion for online commerce with professionalism and commitment, as exemplified by Todor Minev. In the company, we value talented and motivated individuals who have a desire for development in the field. If you want to be part of our team, explore our current programs, that provide you with opportunities for career growth and valuable experience in the eCommerce field, as well as a path to reaching your desired position. Also, follow our blog for other interesting interviews with our colleagues and their professions.

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