Automatic related products (upsells, related, cross-sells) against a category or attribute. Increase the average basket value in your online store!


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Automatic related products (upsells, related, cross-sells) against a category or attribute. Increase the average basket value in your online store!

In Stenik, we know that if you want to boost sales in your online store, you need to speak the language of users. That's why it's crucial how you present your products and how you provoke user interest in the product catalog of your e-shop. In the following lines, we will introduce you to the advantages of automatic related products. This article is aimed at all online merchants who want to increase sales growth in their online store sensibly.

What are automatic related products (upsells, related, cross-sells)?

This is the opportunity to present to your website visitors (who are viewing a specific product) other similar products from the same product category or product set. The relevance of this type of functionality is extremely high due to the user's expressed interest in the specific product and product category. Users often do not pay attention to the entire product catalog of items, and you are the one who needs to direct their choice at that moment. Product recommendations are undoubtedly one of the most successful and cost-effective methods you can use when it comes to increasing turnover. It's a way to influence users to buy more than they initially intended by recommending other products during their stay in the online store.

Related products can contribute to boosting sales and supporting other marketing tools you may be using!

Related Products

"Most commonly combined products," "Complete the outfit," "We also suggest" Related Products: this feature is used to show suggestions that can be combined with the main product. They are located below the description of each specific item. Related products can be manually determined by the administrator. It is advisable for the suggested products to be complementary and have similar prices or cheaper than the selected product. For example: the user is viewing the main product, a jacket, and the system shows suggestions for a bag, blouse, and belt.


"People like you also liked this," "More attractive fashion offers," "Similar products" Upsells: this feature is used to show alternatives or upgraded versions of the user's viewed product. They can be set automatically; these are other products from the same category. In the detailed product overview, users can see similar products that may outperform it in terms of quality, popularity, price, etc. If you want users to purchase a more expensive version of the product they are already intending to buy, you will need to choose products that are already popular among your customers and easy for you to recommend. Effective upselling involves recommending your best-selling products and those most frequently viewed by users. For example: if a user is viewing a primary product like branded sneakers, the system can intelligently suggest higher-end sneakers from another popular brand, potentially leading to increased sales. 


"You may also like," "You may also be interested in the following products," "Selected products" Cross-Sells: additions that can be added to the product and are visualized at the cart level. With cross-sell sales, products are recommended that are not actually related to the selected item but the customer may be interested in them (based on what they are about to buy). These products can be manually selected by the administrator. This function is similar to offering products you see at the checkout in physical stores, which would prompt you to purchase something impulsively. For example: the user is viewing the main product, dietary supplements, and the system shows suggestions for cosmetics and other medications.

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In response to user needs, STENIK has developed modules for automatic related products (upsells, related, cross-sells) in a range of successful online stores based on Magento. You can explore them in our portfolio. We can offer consultation, installation, and configuration of modules for your Magento online store. Contact us for a quote and more information.

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