ERP integration of online stores

ERP integration is critical to major online stores because it facilitates all processes in online marketing - from product availability to order management.

At Stenik, every second online store we create for our customers is also integrated with an ERP system or warehouse program. There are no secrets for us in the synchronization of online stores, because for years of work we have developed extremely effective and flexible methods that facilitate integration.

What do our customers most often want to integrate into their stores?

  • automatic creation and import of products in the online store;
  • synchronizing prices and stocks;
  • Creating and synchronizing database with customers
  • client group rebates and discounts;
  • transferring orders from an online store to an ERP;

In addition to these "standard" or so-called "mandatory" functionalities, technical consultants and programmers at STENIK have also synchronized more individual functionalities such as promotional discount rules, customer loyalty cards,

Easy synchronization of Magento e-shop with ERP and warehouse systems

Our certified Magento developers have developed a special layer that makes integration between Magento and any ERP system possible for the most optimally invested hours of work.

We are capable of making your online store a showcase of what you are selling, and the whole of the administration going through your unified internal ERP system. We also offer partial sync. It is the choice of the customer, but STENIK often advises our customers further, based on our experience with dozens of ERP integrations.

ERP and warehouse systems with which we have successfully integrated

  • Selmatic ERP by Selmatik
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Navision with Intelligent Systems and NavTech Group
  • MoneyWorks from Gensoft
  • Atlantis ERP of Balkan Services
  • Barsy
  • Microinvest
  • Universe of Unisoft
  • Colibri ERP from EDA Ltd.
  • SIS Technology AD
  • Mistral warehouse
  • Noble
  • Zeron's Elite Software
  • PharmaStar of AS Systems
  • Eltrade clover

If you do not find your software on the list, do not worry - we certainly have a solution for your online store as long as your ERP partners are open to communication with us.

Technical Support

Once we develop your online store and integrate it with your warehouse software or ERP system, we provide highly competent technical support. We enter into tripartite communications with our client and ERP partner and quickly identify problems and solve them.

Read more about Priority Online Support from STENIK.

What do I know before I run ERP integration with my online store?

Before you take ERP integration to your online store, make sure you have a separate resource for yourself or your employees to engage in the project to finish successfully as your needs and expectations are.

Then create a short assignment for your desired integration and contact the STENIK consultants to schedule an appointment and prepare an individual offer.