Support online stores

We offer reliable and fast technical support for online stores with a 24/7 response capability.

Do not underestimate the support of your online store

At Stenik, we are committed to a proven Western model with quality support with guaranteed response time for our customers. We know that winning a new client is difficult, but then it is even more valuable and difficult to keep and serve as a priority. With years of work from Stenik we have eradicated this problem to Bulgarian companies and we guarantee post-war and post-war support at the top level.

Transparent model

Our maintenance model is through booked hours on a monthly basis and a guaranteed low price per hour for the contract period. In this way, our clients perform their tasks calmly and are not burdened with heavy communication and administration of a large number of invoices and documentation.

How do we help customers?

We help our customers with online stores in removing bugs, new functionalities, or advising them on new trends in online marketing. Our eCommerce specialists are available by e-mail, telephone or Skype.

Priority support and 24/7

Stenik's customers can choose between standard work-time support, extended work and weekend support, and an individual 24/7 response for support.

If you are not a STENIK customer

We also offer support for online stores that are not developed by Stenik. An important condition is that they are developed on Magento or another known open source platform for which there is documentation - prestashop, opencart, and so on.

Request a support package right now

Do not underestimate quality support for your online store. A good choice of partner in providing support can save you a lot of costs and headaches in the future.

Priority maintenance will save you a lot of headaches and lost money on critical site and server moments. If you do not have a requested maintenance package yet, our Stenik specialists are waiting for you.

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