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Facebook & Google PPC, Remarketing, E-mail marketing, CTR, eCommerce Convertion Rate - we love these concepts!

Technologies and trends in the Internet change with the speed of light. This is especially true for online marketing of online stores and websites.

What is online Marketing and how to be successful?

Online marketing summarizes the various activities the owner of an online store or website has to fulfill and pursue to achieve the goals: targeted visits (traffic), maximum sales or queries, and excellent results reporting.

At STENIK, we know how to make successful online marketing, thanks to our long experience in developing and maintaining profitable internet shops and websites, and thanks to the constant time-to-training training for new trends in Google and social networks. Successful internet marketing is linked to many tests and analyzes, with the right combination of channels that most effectively meet the goals: maximum CTR and ROI.

The approach of STENIK

In addition to developing and maintaining Magento online stores and corporate websites, STENIK offers a complete online marketing solution. This includes:

researching and consulting on online marketing strategies to the client's business, technical implementation of all functionalities and scripts in the online store or client's website, training of the client's internal team to take over the daily work and support of online marketing campaigns, when the customer does not have the resources to take over all the items of online marketing - targeting suitable companies subcontractors of the different units: Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, affiliate marketing, etc.

Google Adwords

At STENIK, we have a wealth of experience in Google Adwords campaigns and the creation of Google Shopping Data feeds and Google Business Data to help you achieve effective results with product-targeted remarketing campaigns for your online store.


We've helped dozens of our customers sell successfully on Facebook. For their online stores, we've developed Facebook Product feeds to be used for product remarketing campaigns that keep hundreds of last-click sales. We are specializing in the integration of ever-changing Facebook Tracking pixels that allow our customers to track not only sales but also any user action in their online store or website: viewing a product page, adding to a shopping cart or a wishlist , product sharing, and more.

Online marketing on social networks

Nowadays there are dozens of social networks that can be included in the successful marketing of your brand: Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc. We advise our clients to use only selected social networks in which they can find their target audience and for which they have a support resource.


In the last 10 years, SEO has changed drastically and has become an indispensable part of all online marketing from a standalone element. There is no way to do successful SEO without complete online marketing. And there is no way internet marketing can be successful if there is no good SEO for the online store or website.

Read more about the service optimization for Google (SEO).


At STENIK we use MailChimp for effective email marketing for our customers. We have the skills to use all advanced features in MailChimp:

We create complete integration with constant real-time synchronization of users and their data between the online store or web site and the MailChimp client account; We integrate eCommerce 360 ​​and Event Tracking from MailChimp, which allow you to send targeted newsletters tailored to consumer behavior and purchases; we use smartly automated email campaigns in MailChimp; we advise customers how best to use e-mail notification for a forgotten basket, a shopping or wishlist reminder, post-purchase reminders, subscription to a newsletter winning a promo code for a discount. We strongly recommend the MailChimp mail marketing software and will be happy to assist you with its integration into your online store or website and training for use.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is not very popular among Bulgarian online marketers, and much of them have not tried its performance. Thanks to it, you can advertise products from your online store on dozens of other sites, and when you sell you pay a commission after successful delivery of the order. Often, affiliate marketing is much more profitable than Facebook or Google advertising.

At STENIK, we have contact with all affiliate networks in Bulgaria, Romania and Greece, and we can develop product feeds for each ad network and integrate your internet shop with it.

Analysis over Google Analytics

Online marketing is preferred by many vendors, as the impact of campaigns can be accurately measured

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