Advantages of StenikCMS

Advantages of our StenikCMS-based business website package

Why choose StenikCMS for our company site?

  • All functionalities in one: For us, services, products, projects, partners, distributors, news, careers, contacts and more.
  • 1: 1 Demo - Know what you will get: Before signing a contract we will present you a working demo and there will be no unpleasant surprises.
  • Lightweight, fast, and optimized for Google: 93 out of 100 Google Speed ​​Boot Speed ​​Boot speeds and integrated SEO friendly techniques.
  • Tested UX for desktop and mobile: Easy to use web site - user experience tested for desktop computers and mobile devices.
  • High level of security: We use up-to-date technology and work methodologies that guarantee the security of information on your website.
  • Easy upgrade and multilingualism: We can realize your every need for additional functionality, incl. integration with external systems.
  • Quick run: With ready-made materials from you, we can develop and launch your new web site for a very short time.
  • Content Fill Assist: We'll help you fill in text and photos and migrate from your old web site because we know your time is valuable.
  • Guaranteed maintenance response: You will not lose contact with us after the project is completed. We remain available for technical support.
  • 14 years of experience on your new web site: Everything we've learned from company site development has been applied to the new StenikCMS.

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