Q & A - Questions and Answers

1. Do I have to upload the content on the site?

In the package offer for building a corporate web site from STENIK we have included a time in which we will help you with the filling of content on the site. We also have the opportunity to offer you the full amount of content.

2. Are you offering photographic services and writing texts?

No, but we can direct you to our partners and assist you.

3. Will you give me the other language versions?

Translations to your new website will need to be provided by you, and you can use the services of a translation agency. Placing the translations themselves on the site can be made by us or by you.

4. Will there be a mobile version?

The package includes a responsive version of the site that opens perfectly on mobile devices - phones and tablets.

5. Can there be several language versions and is there a limitation in their number?

There is no limit to the number of language versions. We can offer you an offer for as many language versions as you like, with StenikCMS conversion time being minimal.

6. What information do you need to start the job?

You need to answer our questionnaire with guiding questions as well as prepare a map of the site with the pages you want, the company logo, partial texts and photo material.

7. Our company has not had a site yet. What information should I present in it?

Send us a request and we will provide you with a link to the StenikCMS demo. In the demo you will see ideas for modules, pages, and functionalities that may contain your website.

8. Do you provide domain and hosting? Are they included in the price?

Domain and hosting are client commitment and are purchased by the customer. We can assist with the purchase.

9. Do you offer complete service? Can you make my company mailboxes and Facebook page?

We specialize in manufacturing and technical support of websites and online stores. We can only advise you on other services and direct you to the right partner.

10. How is your system better than others?

From 2004 until now in Stenik we have created over 370 corporate web sites. We have applied this experience in a sophisticated product that includes all the modules that a company website needs in Bulgaria. Thus, our customers save time and development costs without compromising on functionality and usability.

11. Why choose your solution if sites are offered at lower prices?

By choosing STENIK, you choose a stable long-term partner with 14 years of experience. You can take advantage of all our know-how and experience. Also, our StenikCMS solution will save you many other costs then, which can be caused by lack of quality support, partner change, and more.

12. Can the site be optimized for Google?

The development of your StenikCMS site will be based on the latest SEO onpage techniques known to optimizers. Once you have a STENIK site that is technically up-to-date, it's up to you to create quality content and a strong brand so that Google launches your first page.

13. Do you offer optimization?

In addition to the SEO onpage techniques, we do not offer other optimization, but we can direct you to our experienced partners.

14. Is optimization included in the price?

The included SEO onpage techniques are included in the price, as well as the option to make settings from the site administration yourself.

15. Do you offer advertising and online marketing then on this site?

We specialize in manufacturing and technical support of websites and online stores. We can only advise you on other services and direct you to the right partner.

16. What can I change on the template's vision?

In the package price, we can practically change everything as long as it matches the predefined structure of our StenikCMS template. We can change the logo, colors, fonts, spacing, element size, effects, and so on to get the vision of a completely personalized website in your package cost to suit your corporate needs.

17. Is the logo for my site included in the price?

We can offer you a preferential price for making a logo, but it is not included in StenikCMS's corporate website development package.

18. Can you show me some sample pattern templates and I choose one of them?

For the time being, we have only one StenikCMS template, but we can show you our customer's sites that have been crafted on this template and you will see the possibilities for changing the vision.

19. If something has to be added in the future, can the site be re-made or need to be done again?

Your web site can be upgraded with new features from both us and any appropriate PHP developer.

20. Can some new functionality be added to the template?

Yes of course. We will be happy to prepare an additional offer once we have your requirements.

21. Can I change the colors of the site myself and shuffle items?

You will be able to make minor corrections to the vision from the site admin panel. The idea of ​​StenikCMS is to enable you to modify the content of the site with minimal risk of violating the structure and design we have prepared and approved by you.

22. Can any module have it, but if at some point I do not have to hide it?

Yes, you have such an opportunity.

23. Can I have something if I do not need it at first, not take it away, but stay in the office and I unlock it at some point?

Yes, you have such an opportunity.

24. Is it easy to work with your administrative system?

Admin panel is simple to use, cleared by unnecessary functionality that has most open source platforms for site creation. To work with the administration you only need basic knowledge of working with a computer and Internet browser.

25. Will you teach me how to work with the site?

Each of our clients goes through training to work with the administration of StenikCMS. To work with the administration you only need basic knowledge of working with a computer and Internet browser.

26. Are there metadata fields in your system?

Yes, you can administer it yourself for each page.

27. Can there be multiple administrators with different levels of access?

Yes, there is such an opportunity. The business owner may have administrative access and give employees limited access (only to separate modules).

28. Are you providing support? What happens if something on the site breaks?

Yes, we provide free technical warranty support. We also have flexible maintenance packages after the warranty period expires.

29. Is my site or must you then pay some subscriptions and fees?

The web site is entirely yours and you can use it for the purposes of your company. There are no subscriptions and hidden payment fees. Simply pay the domain and the hosting to your hosting company.

30. How long can the site become fully ready?

If you are prepared with the materials, we can create a website and be online within 15 business days.

31. What is the difference between the finished pattern and the individual solution? Can not the template be individualized?

Working on the template gives you a number of advantages such as receiving a finished product that has been tested without bugs, the development time and time are shorter, and the price is lower and you also know what you will get as an end product. The template can also be easily customized and customized at the customer's request.

32. What do you advise me - does it make sense to you from an individual development and what is it better than the template?

Once you know the specifics of your business and your needs, we will be able to advise you whether you should choose a more expensive individual solution, or a website based on the StenikCMS template will be enough to meet your goals.

33. How fast can we start with work?

We can start right away. Within 1-2 days after the initial contact, we can sign a contract and start the actual work.

34. I do not have time to think about the structure of the site yet and to approve designs. Can you offer me something ready that will save me time?

Yes of course. We will need a brief conversation asking you a few questions about your business and activity, and then we can provide you with a sample structure on which to base the crafting of your corporate website.

35. Do I have to pay the whole amount at once?

Of course not. Payment is made twice: 50/50. 50% in advance upon signing the contract and 50% after your approval of the developed web site.

36. Where can I find photos for my site?

Photos can be purchased (or used for free if rights allow) from the so-called 'stock photography' sites, but we recommend that you consider creating your own authored photos to make your site more vibrant and memorable.

37. Can I take photos from Google?

We do not recommend this practice because in almost all cases it is forbidden to copy or to use for commercial purposes.

38. Can I copy text from other sites?

We do not recommend this practice, as this may lead to Google's penalties for duplicate content, recognition of texts by other companies, and legal consequences.

39. Can you offer me a deferred payment scheme?

Yes, we can offer. After a conversation we can prepare an individual proposal.