All modules in StenikCMS

1. Design and responsive resolutions

The design is on a ready-made and tested template that can be easily adjusted to the customer's corporate identity, but within the structure of StenikCMS. Ability to fully individual design and HTML & CSS code.
The website works on desktop, tablet, and mobile phone resolutions.

2. Pages and information modules

Home page - flexible and dynamic

  • Slider with banners and text
  • Text block with basic business information
  • Highlights of selected internal pages
  • Latest news

About us

  •   Text pages with reformatted content


  • Module for managing unlimited number of services
  • Categorization of services
  • Detailed service page


  • Module for managing unlimited number of products
  • Categorization of products
  • Detailed Product Page

Customers / Brands / Manufacturers

  • Module for managing an unlimited number of customers, brands and manufacturers with detailed information about each


  • Module for management of unlimited number of partners

Stores / Distributors / Trading Network

  • Module for managing unlimited number of contact information and shared map from Google Maps


  • Division of positions by category
  • Application form for each item
  • Candidate database


  • Unlimited number of photo galleries and description


  • Categorization of news
  • A detailed news page with similar news
  • Focus on selected news
  • Contacts
  • Contact information and map from Google Maps
  • Inquiry form

3. Other Functional Modules

  • Basic navigation with drop-down menus
  • Highlight a selected button in navigation
  • Search
  • Sign up for a newsletter
  • Multilinguality
  • Site Map

4. Opportunities of Administration

  • Editing content from all pages and info modules
  • Editing all texts in foreign language versions
  • Settings section with different capabilities
  • Change logo
  • Optimized upload speed of web site
  • SEO settings
  • SEO embedded optimization techniques
  • Links to social networking accounts
  • Sharing for social networks
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Facebook Open Graph

5. Another important specificity and information

  • Hosting requirements
  • Standard Shared Hosting
  • Browser Compatibility: All current versions of known browsers
  • Technologies used: PHP (Symfony framework), MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Ability to upgrade
  • Free warranty support
  • Opportunity for stable post-warranty maintenance