Website support

At STENIK, we offer reliable solutions to support and secure the accessibility of each of our web sites.

Why is website maintenance important?

To be attractive and useful to your users, any web site, online store, or web portal needs up-to-date support.

Web site support includes:

  • Updating Site Content - Adding Current Offers and News, Removing Old Information
  • Create new pages, promo pages and Landing pages
  • Renewal and upgrade of site functionality
  • Optimize the site and maintain excellent Google positions
  • Marketing of the site and development of advertising campaigns

The most common mistakes in client site support

  • Despite the presence of an administrative panel (content management system), many companies do not take the time to regularly update the content on their websites
  • Some non-specialists believe they will be able to change everything on their site only through the admin panel. However, there are improvements that can only be made by web specialists
  • Many managers overlook opportunities offered by the Internet - promoting the site on Google and supporting an online marketing campaign
  • Many PR specialists do not pay attention to inaccuracies in translating text from the site into different languages

At STENIK we take care of web design customer needs!