Make a blog and a website with WordPress

When talking about a portfolio of technologies we use, we can not overlook the extremely popular WordPress platform.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source system that allows you to build and manage blogs, dynamic sites, and even small electronic stores. The intuitive and convenient interface of its administrative panel allows you to quickly create publications with content of any kind - text, links, lists, forms, tables, galleries, videos, etc. WordPress is easily customizable for upgrading and gives users absolute freedom for support, backup, visual and functional development.

Why are we developing WordPress websites and blogs?

The main reason for choosing this platform for creating corporate and personal blogs, dynamic, limited volume web sites, and more. is first of all the fact that Google really loves WordPress. Sites created on WordPress are characterized by the high level of basic on-page optimization (optimization on the site itself) and often succeed in a few days to position themselves in enviable positions.

Another key prerequisite for this system is its administrative panel. Most of our customers are pleasantly surprised by the ease with which they work, and when we talk about a website with pages, news, publications, articles, and more, WordPress is unsurpassed.

Continuing ahead, we can highlight the good capabilities of adapting a WordPress-based website for different desktop devices (desktop computers, smartphones and tablets), the level of anti-spam protection that is relatively easy to maintain, regular updates from the developer, and endless free add-ons (plug-ins) that are generally available.

More information about WordPess can be found on the official website of the platform, as well as in the many forums (including Bulgarian) devoted to it.