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B2B Online stores

Facilitate the orders of your business partners and distributors with a B2B online store from Stenik.

B2B online commerce is widespread in Europe, and a number of Bulgarian companies make a huge part of their online orders by using the B2B platforms of their international partners. If you are a manufacturer or a wholesaler, why not think about making it easier for your distributors to provide you with a platform to electronically place their orders and orders?

STENIK's experience in B2B online marketing

In recent years, in STENIK, we have gone a long way from B2C online marketing and have created solutions that meet the very different B2B needs. We have a ready answer for all of the features you've been asking, whether they can be programmatically implemented to facilitate your business-to-business process.

We often have to consult our clients about the B2B capabilities of an online platform and how it can change and facilitate the work with your partners. We will be happy to help you with your individual needs, regardless of the industry in which you work.

Magento for making a B2B online store

To build B2B internet stores in STENIK, we use the eCommerce platform Magento. Its powerful structure, functionality, and upgrade capability make it extremely suitable for creating not only internet stores for end-users, but also B2B solutions. Magento is a key partner for the success of many of our customers, and in STENIK we are highly specialized in Magento development and have a solid team of certified Magento programmers.

Possibilities of a B2B internet stores from STENIK

All completed STENIK B2B projects are distinguished by full integration and synchronization between the online store and the ERP software of the client, including; products, prices, clients, orders, individual price lists and profiles for distributors, facilitated group order processes and payment and secure work in a secure server environment.

Do you have any questions about B2B online stores?

Contact a STENIK consultant and learn more about setting up a B2B online store for your business.

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