Platform migration

Online business is one of the most sensational to change and you can often meet companies that are so flexible that they change their online identity and the tools they use several times a year.

YES, but not quite!

But when we talk about online stores, platform choices (system), platform change and maintenance, things do not always look exactly like that. In fact, things are often much more conservative, and we think that should be because in a developed online business, changing platforms is tantamount to changing internal business software (ERP, CRM, WMS, warehouse software or otherwise) to big offline retailers. That's why we look at migration from one system to another as the "necessary evil" that every internet store at a certain moment will meet, and so it must be based on solid foundations and necessities.

Reasons to migrate an online store:

The most common causes of migration from one platform to another (for example, from Open Cart to Magento) may be:

  • Current System Limitations
  • Difficult improvement
  • Lack of enough good ready-to-use modules
  • Desire for development beyond the capabilities of the current system
  • Discontent with the competencies and capabilities of the current company supporting the system.

Choose a system or choose a company?

Yes, the company is also important. We would say that choosing a company is even more important than choosing a system. Why? Because a quality company would not choose to run a system with too many imperfections.

At STENIK, we have many years of experience, and the dozens of migrations we've done to customers of a different volume and industry give us the confidence to call ourselves experts in migrations of working stores. In this explanation, we would go even further, and if we had to vote for a new company slogan, "eCommerce Migration Experts" would be among the top opportunities and would be true to 100%.

Migration Challenges

But to get back to you and your problem - here are the main challenges facing you to migrate to a new system:

  • Migration of functionalities and processes.
  • Database migration (products, customers, orders).
  • SEO migration.
  • Stage in the process.
  • Training to work with the new platform.
  • Dealing with the post-migration hole.

Where to start.

If you are about to take this step, we can provide you with a structured approach that starts with the following steps:

  1. A statement from you describing the current state of the store and the reasons for the need for migration.
  2. Meeting / consultation for project details.
  3. Ex-ante evaluation of the project.
  4. Upon approval of the evaluation - access to the current system for preparation of a detailed offer and schedule of the project

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