Small business

Small business does not necessarily mean "small business online" and we know that very well because we do not always work for big traders and established brands. There are a few key moments that drive the success of the small merchant online and, in fact, just for a small but significant part we are responsible as a developer and consultant. If you have not yet learned them, we will help you by pointing out:

  • detection of niche products, customers and online channels for sale.
  • creating key advantages over other competitors and focusing the business around them.
  • individual attitude to each client (which the big ones can not offer).
  • minimize costs to external agencies by acquiring specific skills in online marketing.
  • working with the right platform to enable the automation needed by small business to handle the day-to-day operational tasks in the online business.
  • the right company providing this platform that will be in line, both today and tomorrow, and after 5 years.
  • first-person know-how by consultants and project managers who walked the road side by side with dozens of traders.

And of course ... a lot, but really really hard work and mindset of go getter!

Sometimes the first step is the most difficult. Are you ready?

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