If you already own a Magento-based online store and you need quality support, you are in the right place. In the last few years, we have invested a lot of resources and efforts in developing our support department so that today we can declare that we are one of the few entirely Bulgarian web developers who attach great importance to maintenance and can provide it.

Why trust us?

Because most of our customers we provide every day have been with us since we created their online store, but a significant number of them have been searching for us at a difficult time or at a stage where they needed next level support, so they can concentrate on sales and development instead of diagnosing daily issues on their site.

How do we understand Stenik quality support?

  • Monthly packages with included hours of assistance depending on the volume of your needs.
  • Standardized workflow for all customers for regular business.
  • Prioritization of problems and implementation against it, regardless of the monthly package.
  • Reporting of small intervals and monthly reporting.
  • Proper planning of upgrades and innovations in working stores.
  • Individual solutions and attitudes during campaigns and risky periods.

4 Easy Steps

If you are interested in working with us, we will be happy to take the following steps together:

  1. A statement from you describing the current state of the store and the problems you encounter.
  2. Provide an audit offer and a support offer from Stenik.
  3. Auditing and opinion on our part.
  4. Select a maintenance package and sign a fixed term contract.

Do you have an online store, but not Magento?

If you have an online store based on another platform, you can check out our Migration Platform.

Need more information?

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