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International expansion

The smartest move of the Bulgarian online trader is to build a strategy for expansion abroad.

Online globalization in recent years threatens the business of many local merchants. Big players view the Balkan peninsula as an appetizing piece, not developed in a number of industries, and are increasingly turning their eyes.

What is the smart move of the Bulgarian online trader?

The smartest move a Bulgarian online trader can do is build and implement a strategy for expansion abroad. Depending on the specifics of the products and the competition in the sector, the potential of its business may be at hand in neighboring Romania and Greece or several thousand kilometers on the "golden" markets in Eastern Europe.

But how?

Is not it too technically complex to sell in several markets? And who will guide you how to deal with business fundamentals such as translation, customer support, regulatory framework, quality courier, tax registration, and more?

The answer for us is unique - Stenik!

Our solutions will enable you to:

  • manage centralized online stores in multiple countries.
  • you use a common product nomenclature with the necessary changes for each country.
  • have more than one language version for each country.
  • integrate with various courier companies for different markets.
  • sell in different currencies and, if need be, different rates and accept on-line and on-cash payments.
  • you present yourself as an international brand.

The list can be really long, but in recent years we have helped several serious traders expand beyond the borders of Bulgaria, which not only expanded the market they have access to, but also made them more competitive even here on local soil. Why? Because they have managed to achieve over 100% online growth for a short period of time with the available resources available and the help of our technological solutions.

Today is the best time!

Are you ready to look beyond the boundaries of Bulgaria already?

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