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Online stores for kids, babies & toys

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Solutions for online stores in the children's industry

At Stenik we have the most extensive experience with developing online baby and baby goods stores compared to any other industry. On the one hand, this is one of the best-selling online categories and on the other we built the first baby store in the distant year 2005. Since then, we have helped both internet marketers and large brands and offline retailers to build their online stores. 


Your individual wishes are a priority for us

As you read above in Stenik, we have been working hard in the "kids" industry for over a decade, and for all these years we have not even met two merchants who want the same thing. The focus of each business is different and usually distinguishes it from the competition and helps it prosper. We know this very well and, although we have a large set of modules needed at an online store in the children's industry, we are individually approving and for each project we build modules, functions or entire automation processes that meet the specific business needs of the customer.

But what is really key in the children's industry?

Our out-of-the-box solution or online store is rich in almost ready-to-use functionalities that you and your colleagues and employees will love. Here are some of the modules we have and expect: 

  • Lender campaign pages
  • Customize pages with brands
  • Automated cross-sells and upsells
  • Filters by years and sizes
  • Unique mobile shopping experience
  • Stocks on physical objects
  • Gift list for children
  • RMA module for easy returns and replacements
  • Flexible promotion module for all kinds of discounts
  • And many others

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Development is just the beginning...

For a complete partnership with our customers, in Stenik we have considered every aspect of building and maintaining your online store. We have organized the work and the stages so that you do not worry about the technical part,but focus on marketing and sales as soon, as you have provided us with everything we need to create the perfect online store.

We think of both "walkers" traders and experienced online veterans who want migration from one platform to another. We also have solutions for those who want to expand their market and look worldwide the borders of Bulgaria..

We have experience and know-how besides end-customer and B2B eCommerce platforms in the children's industry to help you communicate with your distributors and automate their orders. 

And last but not least: As our potential customers you can take advantage of secure hosting of your online store, as well as technical support, online campaigns and professional consultations that can be individually negotiated with longer working hours or 24/7. 

Did we win you?

The answer to this question can not be unambiguous by reading this page, and we 
иwe have so many things we can share with you and we'd love to be in a personal conversation - live or on a convenient online channel.

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