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Home decor and DIY online stores

Do you furnish your home online? It is becoming increasingly preferable

Solutions for online home stores

You want to create an online shopping experience that matches the perfection of your brand. You will impress your customers, but first let Stenik impress you.

We know your industry. When you tell us about your business, we Stenik will now see how your products are listed in your future online store and how users add them to their shopping carts. Prepare to send lots of shipment online!


Your individual wishes are a priority for us

From our long experience with hundreds of clients, we know there is no business that is the same as another business - there is no online store that can be used 1: 1 by several businesses. The success of an online store is to a large extent also in his personality. 

Although we have an out-of-the-box solution for an online store, in Stenik for each project we develop functionalities from the zero for the client or individualize modules and bring them to suit your business needs. These can be product availability functionalities, order management process, automated display of related products, and so on. 

Key Features for Online Home Stores? We have them ready!

Our out-of-the-box solution  for an online store is rich in features that your industry and business need by default. Here are some of the modules we have and expect: 

  • Lending pages with banners and products
  • Customize pages with brands
  • "Finish outfit" option and cross-sells option
  • Dimension tables
  • Unique mobile shopping experience
  • Stocks in physical stores
  • Buying different sizes for filters
  • Rich pop-ups to collect emails
  • RMA module for easy returns and replacements
  • And many others

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We thought about everything

For a complete partnership with our customers, in Stenik we have considered every aspect of building and maintaining your online store. We've organized it so you do not worry about the technical part, but focus on marketing and sales.

We think of both start-ups who have offline stores and experienced online merchants who want to migrate from one platform to another. We have solutions for those who want to sell with professional vision in Bulgaria, but also for those who want to locate for Romania и Greece or to expand on an international level

We are specialized in B2C online stores as well as B2B eCommerce platforms for fashion, which must meet even more specific requirements. 

And last but not least: our customers have the opportunity to benefit from secure hosting of their online store, as well as technical support and professional consultations that can be individually negotiated with extended working hours or 24/7. 

Need more consultation?

Choosing and trusting partner in making your new online store is tricky.

We have a lot more to say and we would love to be in a personal conversation - live or on a convenient online channel.

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