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Tech online stores

How do you stand out when selling the same products to your competitors?

Solutions for online stores for consumer electronics and electronics

Sometimes highlighting the competition is not a wish, but a must for your existing online business. In the highly competitive segment of consumer electronics and electronics, the situation is exactly the same, so you have to make the best choice for the developer of your new online store.


Your individual wishes are a priority for us

The general knowledge and experience in developing online stores is not enough when we talk about highly competitive niches and industries where many other traders have their own technology resources and are always up to date with technology.

Our in-depth knowledge based on the experience gained from working with a number of customers over the past 10 years gives us the opportunity to offer both out-of-the-box modules as well as tailor-made solutions tailored to your specifics business.

What is important to you?  

Our out-of-the-box solution for an online store is rich in features that your industry and business need by default. Here are some of the modules we have and expect: 

  • Internal Software Synchronization (ERP)
  • Integration with vendors
  • Flexible pricing rules
  • Lender campaign pages
  • Loyal program
  • Unique mobile shopping experience
  • Stocks in physical stores
  • Powerful filters with many features
  • Rich pop-ups to collect emails
  • And many others

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Because we know it is difficult!

... in Stenik we have considered every aspect of building and maintaining your online store. We have organized our process so that you do not worry about the technical part, butfocus on marketing and sales..

We have thought of both start-ups and offline retailers as well as online retailers who want to migrate from one platform to another. We have implemented a number of integrations with over 20 ERP and warehouse software solutions offered on the Bulgarian market. We can offer invaluable know-how in the field of expansion abroad and last but not least, we can provide secure hosting and technical support to the subscription principle we are proud of!

Need more consultation?

Choosing a partner is a long process and we very well know this, so do not waste time, we are on an e-mail distance.

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